Welcome to my personal webpage where you can find the most up-to-date information on my research projects. I am currently working as an economist at the European Investment Bank (EIB), specializing in the fields of monetary and fiscal policies as well as banking and financial econometrics. Any views you can find on this website are solely mine and do not necessarily correspond to the views of the EIB or any other related institution.

Recent updates

December 2018

The updated analysis on the relation between corporate debt and investment efficiency has just been published in the ECB Working Paper series. The paper can be found here.

December 2018

To what extent do credit conditions in the EU affect the overall productivity? New evidence can be found in the just published EIB Investment Report 2018/2019.

August 2018

Capitalizing on my PhD thesis results on how to robustly measure risk spill-overs and contributions to systemic risk, NCoVaR Granger causality framework has just been described in the UvA/CeNDEF Working Paper.

July 2018

Detailed paper explaining how we measure the macroeconomic impact at the EIB has just been published (link).

April 2018

New evidence on the role of trade credit in financially distressed firms has just been released as the EIB Working Paper.

March 2018

Is there a link between debt overhang and misallocation? It is more complicated than usually assumed but you can find the evidence from the EU countries in a recently published CEPR Discussion Paper.

M. Wolski
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