Research Projects

[5] Investment of financially distressed firms: The role of trade credit (with Annalisa Ferrando)
[EIB Working Paper] [Slides]

[4] Debt overhang and investment efficiency (with Francesca Barbiero and Alexander Popov)
[CEPR Discussion Paper] [ECB Working Paper]

[3] Independent and conditionally independent counterfactual distributions
[Coming soon] [Slides]

[2] NCoVaR Granger causality (with Cees Diks)
[UvA/CeNDEF Working Paper] [Slides]

[1] Human capital, energy and economic growth in China: Evidence from multivariate nonlinear Granger causality (with Zheng Fang)
[Online Version]

Permanent Working Papers

[2] Safe havens, feedback loops and shock propagation in global asset prices. IMF Working Paper WP/14/81, 2014 (with Franziska Ohnsorge and Sophia Y. Zhang)
[Online Version]

[1] Monetary policy, banking and heterogeneous agents. National Bank of Poland Working Paper Number 136, 2013
[Online Version]

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