Journal Publications

[7] Debt overhang, global growth opportunities, and investment (with Francesca Barbiero and Alexander Popov)
Journal of Banking & Finance, 2020
[Online Version] [CEPR Discussion Paper] [ECB Working Paper]

[6] Human capital, energy and economic growth in China: Evidence from multivariate nonlinear Granger causality (with Zheng Fang)
Empirical Economics, 2019
[Online Version] [Unpublished Manuscript]

[5] The 2019 assessment of the macroeconomic effects of the European Fund for Strategic Investments with the RHOMOLO-EIB model (with Martin Christensen and Georg Weiers)
Investigaciones Regionales - Journal of Regional Research, pp 5-15, 45, 2019
[Online Version]

[4] Interbank loans, collateral and modern monetary policy. (with Michiel van de Leur)
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, pp 388–416, Vol. 73, 2016
[Online Version] [ECB Version]

[3] Nonlinear Granger causality: Guidelines for multivariate analysis. (with Cees Diks)
Journal of Applied Econometrics, pp 1333-1351, Vol. 31 (7), 2016
[Online Version] [JAE repository]

[2] Welfare-theoretic optimal policies in a new-Keynesian economy with heterogeneous regions: Any role for financial integration?
Journal of Common Market Studies, pp 742–761, Vol. 54 (3), 2016
[Online Version]

[1] Are European fiscal rules that bad? Discretionary fiscal policies in New Member States. (with Bettina Fincke)
Empirical Economics, pp 517–546, Vol. 51 (2), 2016
[Online Version] [Data set]

Books and Book Chapters

[4] Introduction to Independent Counterfactuals. Nonparametric Statistics. Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics, 2020
[Online Version]

[3] Misallocation of Investment in Europe: The Role of Debt Overhang and Credit Market Distress (with Francesca Barbiero, Philipp-Bastian Brutscher, Atanas Kolev and Alexander Popov) in Colin Mayer, Stefano Micossi, Marco Onado, Marco Pagano, and Andrea Polo (ed.) Finance and Investment: The European Case. Oxford University Press, pp. 57-64, 2018
[Online Version]

[2] Modern Monetary Rules: Any Role for Financial Targeting? in William A. Barnett, Fredj Jawadi (ed.) Monetary Policy in the Context of the Financial Crisis: New Challenges and Lessons. Emerald Group Publishing Limited, pp. 367-403, 2015
[Online Version]

[1] Essays in Nonlinear Dynamics in Economics and Econometrics with Applications to Monetary Policy and Banking. Amsterdam University Press, 2014
[Online Version]

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