Welcome to my personal webpage where you can find the most up-to-date information on my research projects. I am currently working as an Advisor to Vice-President at the European Investment Bank (EIB). I have been specializing in the fields of investment and investment finance, with a strong focus on novel computational methods. Any views you can find on this website are solely mine and do not necessarily correspond to the views of the EIB or any other related institution.

Recent updates

June 2021

Very happy to see the work on productivity slowdown in the EU being released in the EIB Working Paper Series. We show that firm-level financial conditions matter greatly for aggregate productivity dynamics. Reducing collateral bottlenecks could more than double the effectiveness of financial leverage in spurring productivity growth in the Western Europe between 2014-17.

March 2021

We develop a new micro-founded framework to measure contributions of financial factors to the allocative efficiency component. Happy to share the most recent version of the paper here.

December 2020

Happy to share that my contribution to the recent Springer volume on mathematics and statistics has just been released. In the short Introduction to Independent Counterfactuals, I offer the basic principles and guidelines how to find counterfactual outcome variables independent from the effects of given covariates.

August 2020

A spin-off post from our recent study has just been published by VoxEU.org. It underpins the role of corporate health in building up job market resilience. We estimate that 3-month liquidity buffers flatten out the impact of the pandemic on the job market sentiment in EU.

July 2020

How was the Covid-19 shock transmitted to the labour market in the EU? The sneak peek of the analysis using a novel approach with Google Trends has just been published in the EIB Economic Briefing.

June 2020

This week, I had a pleasure to present our study (with Aron Gereben and Alessandro Barbera) on SME support during the online workshop on impact in the time of COVID-19. You can view the video from the workshop on the Bruegel's website.

M. Wolski
Marcin Wolski, PhD
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